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PreSalesAdvisor is a cloud-based tool that makes it easy to price and give quotes for verified technology configurations.

Give it your branding, personalise the user experience and incorporate products and services from all your vendors. With this proven technology, you empower your customers to self-service with confidence – while you save resource on pre-sales, sales, pricing and admin.

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Sell More Efficiently & Strategically

PreSalesAdvisor helps everyone in the channel meet user demand. With the user-friendly tool, you cut time spent on deal registration, help customers find verified configurations quickly, and easily promote bundles and higher value products. And that translates to more revenue and higher gross profit.

Manufacturers streamline and automate your supply chain with a straightforward way of keeping tabs on stock and pricing across the channel

Distributors increase revenue per head while making it easy to manage pricing, stock and supplier/reseller relationships

Resellers make it simple for customers to spec their order and get quotes, so pre-sales staff can focus on more profitable work

Customisable Configurations

Supports any product, bundle, solution or service from any vendor (including in-house).

Instant Delegated Pricing

Move beyond the limits of basic pricing, integrating customer data, promotions, and vendor deal registrations to give the right prices in real time.

Real-time Stock Information

See where stock is in the supply chain so you can strategically promote products and support reverse factoring.

Make it Easier for Customers to Buy from You

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