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KnowledgeKube is an award-winning app development platform.

Without a doubt, it’s the fastest way to create, test and deploy enterprise apps that run across devices. You don’t have to write any code, so it’s easy for business users and IT professionals alike to produce apps that meet your needs.

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Packed with everything you need to build enterprise apps

By using the KnowledgeKube platform instead of traditional development methods, you can produce web and mobile apps of any scale more quickly and cost effectively. It’s easy to use, so even non-IT staff can create robust, cross-platform apps to solve business problems.

Excel Users take your spreadsheet to the next level with a powerful yet user-friendly app that minimises risks around version control and calculation errors

Business Users quickly create apps that automate processes and crunch data, so it’s easier to do your job efficiently

Designers & Developers free up time to focus on projects that warrant your expertise instead of getting bogged down with fire-fighting

Truly Cross Platform

Develop your app once and deploy it as HTML and native mobile applications, without having to modify for each platform.

Out-of-the-Box Connectivity

Connect to over 60 products, services, formats and technologies without the need for programming or APIs.

Scalability & Flexibility

From data indexing to content management – it has everything you need to build an app that meets your current and future needs.

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