We've structured a Partner Program to meet the needs of resellers, independent software vendors (ISVs), and referral partners.

Be different from your competitors by creating new opportunities that increase your company's profitability. As a Mercato Solutions Partner, we will help you best serve your customer's needs through the unique value that KnowledgeKube and Progora will deliver to your client's offers by providing all you need to supercharge sales and enable customer acquisition and growth.

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Partner Program Benefits

Mercato Solutions recognises a partner's level of expertise in selling KnowledgeKube applications and the Progora marketplace solutions into a given market segment.

We reward partners for the unique value they bring to customers in that market. Specialisms are earned through a combination of experience in the specific marketplace and successful completion of training. Through specialisms, partners have access to market-specific pricing, education and market information.

KnowledgeKube specialisms enable partners to drive cross-sell and up-sell revenue opportunities in their area of expertise. All specialisms may be achieved once a Partner has joined the Mercato Solutions Partner Program and met the specific criteria outlined in the program.

Program Details

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Partner with Mercato

Combine technologies to design, plan and deploy industry leading software solutions

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Partner Program

We engage with partners which are either resellers, integrators or developers. Our ISV (application developer) program is best suited for application development firms. Agencies and consultants can apply through a referral agreement.

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Become a Partner

Whether you choose to resell or join our (independent software vendor) ISV program, we'll get you the resources and support your need to be up and running quickly – driving value to the bottom lines of both your customers and your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together a commonly asked questions list and answered them accordingly. Find out more about the types of partnership programs available and how to become a Mercato Solutions Partner. Access the FAQ here.

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