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Progora is an e-procurement platform that enables you to create your own marketplace for buying all products and services.

It’s designed for the reality of business procurement – complex and changing supply chains, products and services, and internal and external providers. Your users can buy everything from your centralised, customised purchasing platform.

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Faster, Easier Procurement for All

Progora makes such a difference because it helps everyone involved in purchasing – users, procurement professionals and suppliers. As a result, the entire organisation benefits from streamlined processes, improved governance and lower expenditure.

Business Users get a consumer shopping-like experience where they can easily compare products and services, buy through a single platform (no punching out to supplier websites) and comply with policies

Procurement Professionals have more control, with easy scalability and real-time management information that help you work more strategically and dynamically

Suppliers can easily promote their products, services and discounts direct to users, so they can compete more effectively while getting analytics on sales and campaigns

Centralised Purchasing Platform

Aggregation and automation enable you to save money and reduce rogue procurement.

Real-time Price & Stock Checks

Algorithms automatically calculate the most economical way to purchase.

User-Friendly Experience

As one procurement manager said, “It feels like I’m at home shopping online.

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