Last week, Mercato Solutions had two work experience students.

Both George and Chris were very excited to have their placement within a computer software company because of their interest in application development, computers and everything digital. Mercato welcomed the students by giving them a complete tour of the building on Camden Street, they also got to visit our new sales floor in Birmingham’s landmark Alpha Tower.

Chris and George spent most of their time in the marketing and operations departments where they were introduced to our range of products and services. One of the tasks set, was for them to create an application using KnowledgeKube with help from our Online Training Academy.

Without any prior experience and with little coding knowledge, a deadline of a day and a half was set for them to produce their first online application. George was very excited by the idea of making his own project and after completing course one of the training, he has started creating his very own application. Although not finished, it is impressive how quickly and easy George got to grips with KnowledgeKube. 

George’s opinions of KnowledgeKube:

How did you find learning KnowledgeKube?

"At first, I struggled to pick it up, but once I got my head around it, I found it really simple and easy to use."

What were the main challenges of using KnowledgeKube?

"I found some of the attributes hard to figure out, but I managed to use the training course to help me with most of these."

What did you enjoy most about using the KnowledgeKube platform?

"Really simple to use and gave you a professional standard application."

George’s comments: "I like KnowledgeKube, it was an easy way of doing something that sounds like it would be a challenge. It helps you produce a high-level application that looks good. The second training course I did really helped the learning curve. The visual images and support text made it easy for me to build the application. I found the case study challenging and the extra learning modules really fun as it puts you in a real-life environment where you can see the use of the platform.”