Recently, Mercato Solutions were invited to the Made in Birmingham Show to talk more about the business, our award-winning products and the technology behind them; which have helped the government and many blue-chip companies.

The interview was with Jack Robbins, our Enterprise Application Sales Executive and he explains the growth of the company and future plans.

Birmingham spans 1400 years of growth and it has evolved from a small city to the metropolitan hub of the United Kingdom. Through a combination of immigration, innovation and culture, Birmingham has shown excellent growth in the manufacturing and automotive industries.

Another area which has shown impressive development is the technology sector. Birmingham provides a great supply of technology companies and digital talents that dictate the direction of the city’s economy.

One of the companies who have made a significant change within the technology sector and have constantly improved products and services is Mercato Solutions.

Our company was born from the need to organise disjoined data from multiple suppliers. From working with and understanding the supplied data, we developed our first software application, a program that enabled us to format, uniform and cleanse so that our customers could extract more precise information and utilise to their full capabilities. Whilst doing this, we became more aware of a decline in developers and after further research, we found this was not just local to Birmingham but was becoming a known global issue.

KnowledgeKube was then created. This low code platform enables anyone to build high level applications that fit their organisation’s needs. This solves a lot of problems in the technology industry from deploying enterprise applications rapidly to creating job opportunities for many people who want to start their career in this sector. This alongside our other ground-breaking platforms is now empowering users worldwide.

You can view this interview on Sunday, 6th of August from 7:00 pm in this week's edition of "Birmingham Business".