IT Problem Solver

LDC, part of Lloyds Banking Group has recently launched a new initiative to profile some of Britain’s most inspiring companies and they were very keen to speak to Mercato Solutions about their products and services. 

The Birmingham based software company are working with the world’s biggest blue chip companies to create technology that analyses big data, manages intricate supply chains and transitions processes to the cloud technology. 

IBM and Transport for London are some of our customers who want to modernise and improve old-fashioned processes and bring them back online. Companies in the private and public sector are loving this technology because of the highly customised platforms which can be tailored to specific business needs.

Make your applications possible

Business software is not the easiest thing to understand, especially for people with little knowledge of coding and development tools, but Mercato continues to exceed our user’s expectations, by delivering easy-to-use app development platforms, customer built marketplaces, benchmarking tools and configuration tools designed for instant quotations. You can find out more from our websites below:

•    KnowledgeKube - Rapid Application Development
•    Progora - Centralised Procurement Technology
•    PreSalesAdvisor - Pre-Sales Pricing Configuration
•    KnowledgeBus - IT Price Benchmarking

Peter Robbins, CEO of Mercato Solutions explains that “Whether there’s a system that involves a person, a clipboard, and a spreadsheet, we can turn that into a software that can be accessed anywhere, any time.”

Our primary technology platforms have been specifically designed and developed to work seamlessly together, the result of this collaboration sets our solutions apart from the rest. 
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