The digital era presents an opportunity for significant transformation in all facets of public service, and procurement is no exception.

As we traverse this digital landscape, a focus on user-centric experiences emerges as a critical driving force for success. It's no longer just about delivering a service; it's about making it accessible, intuitive, and efficient.

Public procurement, with its essential role in public service delivery, is set for a dramatic revolution by harnessing the power of user journeys and effective signposting. These tools transform the procurement experience, ensuring it remains efficient, accessible, and engaging for all professionals involved.

Unveiling the Power of User Journeys and Signposting

User journeys, or visual narratives of a user's interaction with a digital interface, focus on the users' experiences, emotions, and needs. This user-centric design principle, paired with effective signposting - clear and intuitive cues to guide users through digital landscapes, can transform the way public sector professionals navigate and interact with procurement processes. The outcome is a streamlined procurement process accessible to professionals across the board, irrespective of their procurement background.

Harnessing Domain Expertise: The Key to Efficiency in Procurement

One of the most powerful potentials of the digital revolution lies in the ability to digitise and integrate domain expertise into the procurement process. Through digital platforms, we can embed industry-specific knowledge, allowing professionals who may lack a background in procurement to navigate these processes effectively.

To understand the true potential of this transformation, let's explore the impact across various sectors within the public domain.

Central Government

In the realm of central government, procurement often involves complex, large-scale national administration processes. Integrating user-centric design principles and digitised domain expertise into digital platforms can simplify these processes, making procurement accessible and efficient for all employees.

Local Government

Local governments serve diverse communities and thus require a broad range of goods and services. With a user-centric digital platform that offers custom user journeys, clear signposting, and embedded domain expertise, procurement can be streamlined, ensuring communities are served effectively.

Higher Education

In higher education, the procurement of a diverse range of resources, from academic materials to advanced research equipment, is crucial. Here, digital platforms with embedded domain expertise can offer intuitive user journeys, guiding faculty members to make accurate procurement decisions.


Schools present a unique scenario where educators and administrators may not have extensive procurement experience. User-friendly digital platforms can revolutionise their procurement process by providing a streamlined journey that simplifies procurement and guides informed decision-making.


Within the NHS, efficient procurement is essential for maintaining high-quality patient care. Although healthcare professionals may not have extensive procurement experience, digital platforms can guide them through the procurement process of essential medical supplies and services, ensuring efficiency and precision.

Private-run Public Services

Even within private-run public services, procurement can be a multifaceted process. A user-centric digital platform can help professionals in these organisations navigate the procurement process, ensuring they can source the resources they need effectively and efficiently.

Expanding Access to Procurement Frameworks

Another significant advantage of digital platforms is their ability to guide users in accessing various procurement frameworks. These frameworks, which offer cost savings by allowing organisations to procure goods and services without running a full tendering process, can lead to significant savings. Digital platforms can guide users to identify and access eligible procurement frameworks, thus democratising procurement.

Forging Ahead: Towards a New Horizon in Public Sector Procurement

The future of public sector procurement lies in enhancing digital workflows, refining user journeys and signposting, and harnessing the power of digitised domain expertise. At Mercato Solutions, we are proud to be leading this transformation with our platforms, PreSalesAdvisor and Progora.

PreSalesAdvisor is designed to revolutionise public sector procurement by integrating user-centric design, effective signposting, and embedded domain expertise, making procurement more efficient and accessible.

Working hand-in-hand with PreSalesAdvisor, Progora, our Marketplace platform, enhances the procurement process by offering a broad range of goods and services, further simplifying procurement for public sector professionals.

No matter your role – be it a teacher, medical professional, central government employee, or a private-run public service employee – our platforms are here to revolutionise your procurement process.

Together, let's reshape the future of public sector procurement, making it more efficient, accessible, and user-friendly. Let's embark on this journey of transformation – we invite you to see firsthand how PreSalesAdvisor and Progora can revolutionise your procurement process.
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Welcome to a new era of procurement efficiency - the future of public sector procurement is here, and it's time we seize it. Together, let's embrace the power of digital transformation.