We are very excited about having our article being published in the Microsoft Partner Magazine – The Record, winter edition. A magazine providing industry news and thought leadership on Microsoft and partner technology that's shaping the future of digital.

Mercato were thrilled to be asked to contribute to the magazine, especially as the issue tackles the subject of Digital Transformation, a topic that all of our products exemplify in sectors such as financial services, communications, technology, manufacturing, retail and hospitality. 

The focus of our contribution is around the difference between digital transformation and digital transition as we find that many businesses confuse the two terms. So, what does digital transformation stand for?

Digital transformation refers to the integration of digital technologies and assets, encouragement of innovation and new business models and the adoption of a new way of thinking. According to Wikipedia: “Digital transformation is the changes associated with the application of digital technology in all aspects of human society.”

Whilst, digital transitioning is more about taking analogue information and converting it into a digital format. Although this has been extremely useful for many organisations which handle a lot of paper documents, it is only the starting point in the digital era, one that is expanding faster than ever.partner.jpg

Simon O’Carroll, Marketing Director at Mercato Solutions explains how “We aim to reframe people’s understanding of how digital transformation works. From small businesses to large enterprises, all need to reshape, redesign and reinvent their current processes for success in the new digital environment.”

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