Making ideas happen

Our software platforms simplify complex processes and drive user adoption. Quick and easy to deploy, they help you streamline operations and solve business problems – while delivering a swift return on investment.


Why waste time and money when
building your enterprise app?

With KnowledgeKube, you can create cross-platform enterprise apps quickly, without having to write any code.

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Are you ready to reduce
rogue procurement?

Progora enables you to create your own centralised business marketplace for all products and services.

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How much time is wasted
generating quotes?

PreSalesAdvisor makes it easy to price and give quotes for verified technology configurations.

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Are you paying over
the odds for IT?

Benchmark IT purchases for more than 150,000 products, so you consistently achieve best value.

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Mercato’s proven technology is used in more than 150 countries by leading public and private sector organisations.